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I am a two time Ford owner and I will NEVER, ever get another one. My first Escape (2010) was fantastic. I then leased a 2013 and had nothing but issues with it, from the innumerable recalls to the service station putting my new brakes on backwards, I spent a ridiculous amount of time at the dealership for service. Then, when I turned in my car, I was charged for overage on my mileage and when I tried to argue it, stating that the overage was a... Read more

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Ford credit card and City bank is a corperate scam. They never mention its City Bank credit card!! On top of that Ford does not send any rebates out! Its all a scam, they even make you type in you SS# than deny they asked for it! I was once a loyal Ford man. I don't reccomend anyone apply for this card, if u have a claim against Ford service,you are up *** creek without a paddle. City Bank don't give a *** about your complaint you still owe. ... Read more

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I got my focus last may. I had switch of jobs and it made my check come later expected. I also had a death in my family as well as illness during the time of my lease. I was given a small amount of miles that could be used the during time of my lease however I went passed that on my first year. They wouldnt lower my payments and said that they would take my vehical if i couldnt pay 328 a month. I was constantly disrespected with mostly every... Read more

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We financed a car two years ago. I have to say, the car (Fiesta) is a great little car. We use it as a grocery-getter and as the "good" vehicle on our farm. The dealership is also awesome to deal with. But Ford Credit? Broken. Horribly, Horribly, BROKEN. From the beginning, it's been a total headache. My husband went and picked out the car on his own. I have too much to do here at home and besides, I didn't care, as long as it was... Read more

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Costumer service are very rude and they have contacted others that are not on my account.

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I will never use ford credit ever again there customer service workers are really rude

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Yes i lost my job and got behind on some payments and it caused my credit score to go down. But i bounced back and got a great job and play catch up on my payments and now im ahead. And im trying to get a new car but they wont Finance me with a higher payment what kind of *** is that. I will make sure i tell everyone not to go to ford.

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Turned in my Explorer Limited in near pristine condition and 13,000 miles under the limit. Of course, they hit me with their famous $75 excessive wear charge for a small scratch on the rim. Had to look hard to find it. When I called to dispute, they said that they were "holding me accountable" and that the contract is clear. They didn't care about the fact that the 13,000 under miles was worth $1,950 ($0.15/mi). I brought up the fact that they... Read more

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I got approved by a dealership with the conditions I never agreed to. Now I trying to work with other dealership and they can't do anything about it because Ford bank can not change the conditions for other dealership. Way I have so many problems just because first dealership didn't do diligence. Please contact me as soon as possible.

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Just called by ford credit....over 6mths after I turned in my lease to release another car....they want money for "damage to my hood". When I turned in the car dealer said its fine. Now there is "supposed" damage!!!! What a ***! And they had my wrong address and phone number. And now if I don't pay they are sending it to a collection agent which will damage my credit report!!!! My do I know between dealer and ford credit, they... Read more

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