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I will never use ford credit ever again there customer service workers are really rude Add comment

Yes i lost my job and got behind on some payments and it caused my credit score to go down. But i bounced back and got a great job and play catch up on my payments and now im ahead. And im trying to get a new car but they wont Finance me with a higher payment what kind of *** is that. I will make sure i tell everyone not to go to ford. Add comment

Turned in my Explorer Limited in near pristine condition and 13,000 miles under the limit. Of course, they hit me with their famous $75 excessive wear charge for a small scratch on the rim. Had to look hard to find it. When I called to dispute, they said that they were "holding me accountable" and that the contract is clear. They didn't care about the fact that the 13,000 under miles was worth $1,950 ($0.15/mi). I brought up the fact that they sent me a $75 waiver, and that they found a $75 problem. They said that is was simply a coincidence.... Read more

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I got approved by a dealership with the conditions I never agreed to. Now I trying to work with other dealership and they can't do anything about it because Ford bank can not change the conditions for other dealership. Way I have so many problems just because first dealership didn't do diligence. Please contact me as soon as possible. Add comment

Just called by ford credit....over 6mths after I turned in my lease to release another car....they want money for "damage to my hood". When I turned in the car dealer said its fine. Now there is "supposed" damage!!!! What a ***! And they had my wrong address and phone number. And now if I don't pay they are sending it to a collection agent which will damage my credit report!!!! My do I know between dealer and ford credit, they didn't damage the hood????? And when I got upset on phone, the person at ford credit said, "are... Read more

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I leased a new 2013 Ford Focus Titanium. Turned out to have transmission problems from the start. Ford knew there were issues with this transmission, yet they continued to sell them anyway. I had a 39 month lease. After 24 months and three times having the vehicle out of commission I decided to purchase a Jeep. First time in over 40 years we have owned anything but Fords. After having to pay off the remainder of the lease, I called to see if I could recoup any of the $3000 I had to pay to get out of the lease on this lemon. I was told I had a... Read more

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Ford credit what a F$&KING JOKE Made in America…But billed in PANAMA What BULL *** you have to call PANAMA after 7:30 pm really *** FORD going CHEVY next time… Add comment

TAKE A SCREEN SHOT OF ALL TRANSACTIONS YOU MAKE ON MYFORDCREDIT.COM! (autopay setup confirmation, payment receipts, any sort of application / confirmation. And any conversation with a rep). They will not process your request and then customer service will deny ever seeing a note on your account. Always pay early incase there is an issue(and there will be). My credit was damaged twice because ford failed to complete their responsibilities even after I received confirmation. Every time I speak to a rep, it's the exact same thing. They will say... Read more

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just handed my car back to a ford dealer and have been charged 255 pounds for little mark on the door not general wear and tear the dealer told me. If i had bought a new ford there would have been no charge!!! it appears if you choose to buy a different make you will be penalised, i wouldn't mind but the car is two years old and has only covered 6000 miles so very low mileage. and in very good condition except for a half inch scratch which you have to get on your knees to see. No way of come back at dealer who has been worse car dealer i have... Read more

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Ford Mtr. Credit repo'd my car while the payment was pay roll deducted! Called them , they said it human resources fault in my plant. I contacted h.r., the lady there used to work for f.m. C., she said there playing a game, h.r. Has nothing to do with any employee finances, so I got my back, now I will get to the bottom of it I'm not done with them!.... Add comment

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