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Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Credit is no better or no worse then any other Car Company. They all suck.

If you have good credit and finance you are stuck. Pay off the car trade it in sell it return it Pay your lease off early. Know your rights . Contact your state Attorney generals office ,Local News Maybe they will pick up your Story .

Social Media Twitter I found out calling them with a hard luck story . They have heard it all before. If you financed your car with a high interest rate like 18.0 pct and put down a large deposit You made a bad deal. But they are much better then drive time .

Which is a ghetto car . Banks like santander is a predatory lender. They charge large bank fees. Ford actually is a very honest company.

However They do and will repo your car 90 days past due Your car can be repo with out your consent . Know your rights keep your car locked in a garage . park it at a friends house not down the street Keep your car in a garage Change the plates Go to dmv and change the plates The repo man might not check the vin if he sees your car parked in fromt of your home .If you have a loan your stuck Either give them back the car or hide it and dont pay them a dime You still have to pay your car insurance no matter what. Know your rights contact an attorney in your state.

calling them begging for a break They are there to take your payments and process paper work. Keep al your records and they follow state laws so you have the State attorney Generals office to call Again know your rights . They know theirs . Or just keep the car and dont pay them a dime .

Until they go to court and get a judge to issue an order of repossession The repo man can only steal the car back from you . And if you keep the car locked up the repo an cant do anything . Know your rights and contact an attorney.

This is my opinion only am not giving anyone legal advise . posting this to help others who got stuck ps f u Ford Motor company Hope your company goes broke he he lol yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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