IF Ford Motor Credit wont work with you and you have not good credit IT dont matter. All they can do is call you on the phone threaten to repo the property.

Ok lets play , Ford you are not getting the car and am not paying for it either ? Really well Ford will tell you thats agents the law and you can got to jail Really lol Just dont write bad checks , You got the loan legally so all they can do is repo the car get a civil judgement and have the sheriff thats after they go to court and get a judge to issue a court order for a court order repo. If the repo man shows up at your house and the car is locked up in the garage or they see you driving the car their is nothing they can do is follow you and when you are out of the vehicle steal the car Thats right they steal the car The only time you have to give the property back if a judge that has legal jurisdiction to issue such an order. If the repo man shows up at your door with an order of repression and its only from the finance company they can not force you or the police to make you give them the car.

The police will only get involved if someone is assaulted threatened or in violation of state law. refusing to give your property to a repo man u are not in violation of State law . You should consult an attorney in your State. This is not legal advise and i am not an attorney.

This is only my opinion. So if this helps you f Ford Motor company good for you pass on the info

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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