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I recently took over a lease for 2016 mustang.Its registration was about to expire and Ford customer service always gave me wrong information first like i waited call from DMV for title , then calle dthis time they made me go to a DMV I did and there they told me they dont have the paper work, this time they said they sent to main office which is 3 hours from the adress they have in the file , I also took it over from another California resident...
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I didn't like
  • Untruthful
  • People
  • Sevice
When I called Ford Credit they did not seem concerned that a dealer wouldn't help me, but did say they would extend the lease 2 months. They also said I would get paper work but to ingore it, I am on auto bill they would take it and signing papers would mess things us. Lease end now 9/20 When I called Ford Credit today to go over things, they said well forget it we have your truck. Yup, paid all my bills on time, tried to buy the truck, told...
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Anonymous Someone needs to help anyone else getting their cars taken, Ford wants to steal and sell for more


Anonymous Someone at ford should take notice and help you

I liked
  • Poor service
  • No one will help
  • Never use the
I didn't like
  • After sale support
  • Support in general
  • Caring
I got my focus last may.I had switch of jobs and it made my check come later expected. I also had a death in my family as well as illness during the time of my lease. I was given a small amount of miles that could be used the during time of my lease however I went passed that on my first year. They wouldnt lower my payments and said that they would take my vehical if i couldnt pay 328 a month. I was constantly disrespected with mostly every...
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