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They have screwed us out of a bunch of money in late fees because of a mistake they made and when we tried to fix it, they wouldn't send us proof in a timely manner. They made it more difficult than it had to be and almost cost us a house we were trying to buy. My husband works for Ford MoCo. They deduct our payments from his check directly. When he was laid off, they could only take a partial payment. They didn't tell us that we owed them...
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Called Ford credit 6/27/16 spoke to Jeff and he could not find any record of the app. on 6/28/16 I spoke to Annette and she sent me new forms to fill out which I returned via fax same day. On 7/6/2016 I spoke to Stephanie and she told me App was approved and vehicle should be transferred in a week to 10 days. Transfer of equity agreement was sent out to estate executor who completed his signatures and initials and then was sent to me and...
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Ford credit is the worst ever to deal with. I co signed for someone; I know BIG MISTAKE. The car ended up being repossessed. I missed the court date because I was dealing w/my mother who was terminally ill -died shortly there after. I could not negotiate w/ford without having to pay the entire amount of the loan because "I had the means" which is what the associate told me. I could not speak with anyone from ford in any position to negotiate a...
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I didn't like
  • Hate ford
My husband and i have had nothing but issues with Ford credit. I had an excellent credit score. *** near perfect. My husband has tried to pay the bill early every month and it keeps getting sent back without anyone telling us that they didnt except it. Because of Ford credit my credit score has been destroyed. We have tried paying on the phone, paying online, paying with different cards, setting up auto pay and every time they screw us over. .
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When I told the supervisor that I had a contract and would have been slapped with horrendous charges to turn the car in early, her response was that I could have just "called Ford credit." Ha, because that got me anywhere. The car was garbage, the service station hit it when I had it in for service, thus I was without for a week, I brought it in several times for an engine fault issue that was never rectified, and now this. Buyer beware: Unless...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service
But Ford Credit? Broken. Horribly, Horribly, BROKEN. From the beginning, it's been a total headache. My husband went and picked out the car on his own. I have too much to do here at home and besides, I didn't care, as long as it was reliable. Which it is. He informed them that he didn't handle the bills and that my name needed to be on the account to handle the payments and any other financial B.S. that came up. Fine. They said the...
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I liked
  • What seemed to be simple financing and payments
I didn't like
  • Bill is not getting paid